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    Keeping roads visible day and night, rain and shine.

    The risk for traffic accidents is three times more likely in wet, rainy, dark conditions. In such an environment it doesn’t take long for road markings to lose their brightness as surface water negates their reflectivity, making already difficult driving all the more challenging.

    3M’s tape designs keep road markings bright, even in rainy and dark conditions. 3M’s range of all-weather markings provides superior reflective performance, under wet or dry conditions, compared to traditional road markings. Unique optical elements defy the normal effects of water and continue to provide high visibility for drivers even on dark, wet roads.

    Traditional “exposed lens” marking systems have reflective beads on top of the marking. Many of these may perform fine in dry weather, but when they get wet the water interferes with the optics, causing headlight illumination to scatter rather than retro-reflect. The result is these road markings virtually disappear until the water drains or evaporates. Unlike such traditional markings, 3M all weather road markings maintain their reflectivity, even in a downpour.

    For situations requiring temporary road markings, our temporary road marking tapes provide the perfect solution for lane markings through road works. In addition to tapes that mark out new lines, we also supply a black tape to mask out the old lines, meaning that existing road markings can be quickly reinstated once the road works have been completed. The ease and speed of application and removal mean that road works can be completed and re-opened much more quickly.

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  • Roads studs provide drivers on roads with effective lane delineation, particularly during the hours of darkness and in adverse weather conditions.

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  • 3M's road marking products are all about ease of application and fantastic performance. The 3M™ Stamark™ Road Marking Tape makes it much easier to add line markings to roads.

    Our Permanent Road Marking Tapes have been proven throughout Europe as a bright, long-lasting alternative to thermoplastic road marking or road marking paint, and are also much easier to work with.

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