Applications for Road Safety

  • Traffic signs are critical for drivers to provide them with the necessary information needed to complete their journey safely. There are three requirements traffic signs need to meet, whether they are permanent or temporary signs. They need to be conspicuous to attract a driver's attention; legible in a range of conditions, angles and distances; comprehensible and credible to assure compliance.

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  • There is a direct relationship between the quality of line markings and the number of fatalities and injuries on our road network. Visible and conspicuous line markings are vital to guide drivers in wet and dry conditions, twenty-four hours a day. 3M offer road marking tape and road studs that provide superior retro reflectivity to improve driver awareness and road safety.

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  • Road construction zones are extremely high risk areas for both drivers and road workers alike. Roadworks are set out in unfamiliar ways to the driver and are often on high speed areas. The presence of workers and construction equipment can result in additional confusion and lead to increased driver errors.

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  • Commercial and first response vehicles often travel at high speed, carry heavy loads, may make sudden manoeuvres or temporarily block the road, need to be highly visible to all other road users. To protect both the drivers of such vehicles and prevent road accidents, vehicles should be marked with reflective materials to ensure they can be seen at all times.

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  • Vehicle Registration Plate Material

    In order for vehicles to be identified in the event of an accident or a vehicle related crime all vehicles using the public road network must display a vehicle registration plate. Retro-reflective technology within the number plate sheeting is used to enable the clear identification of the plate characters by other road users and government agencies.

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