Love your floor

Love your floor

Floor Care

At 3M we know how important floors are to you. We understand that the condition of your floor reflects on you and your company.

Dirt, grit and water tracked into a building on the soles of shoes leave unsightly marks and stains. The result is hazardous in terms of potential slips, time consuming to clean and unsightly not only in the entrance area but in the flooring areas beyond.

That's why 3M can offer you an unrivalled range of floor care solutions to help maintain and protect your floors.


  • Designed to make it easy to keep floor surfaces protected both day to day and long-term, resulting in reduced maintenance and susceptibility to the risk of litigation

  • Whether you need to strip, clean or polish your flooring, you can rely on Scotch-Brite Floor Pads to work faster, harder, for longer at a total lower cost.

  • Essential floor cleaning equipment that tackles tricky tasks simply and effectively.

  • Keep your floors safe and clean, our comprehensive range of matting helps stop dirt in it's tracks reducing your business cleaning costs in the process.