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  5. FUTURO™ Cervical Collar, 09027AER, Adjustable, Arabic

FUTURO™ Cervical Collar, 09027AER, Adjustable, Arabic

3M ID 70007023982UPC 051131201361
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FUTURO™ Cervical Collar 09027AER, Adjustable, Arabic

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Wear & Care

  • FUTURO™ Cervical Collar, Adjustable

    How to wear

    • 1. To apply, hold in both hands with the flap of the center chin strap facing away from you and the hook fastener in the right hand, facing the "outside" of the collar. Place the collar at the front of the neck, chin strap centered under the chin.
  • FUTURO™ Cervical Collar, Adjustable

    2. Wrap the left end of the collar around the back of the neck, and attach to opposite end.

  • FUTURO™ Cervical Collar, Adjustable

    3. Then extend the soft pile strip from the left side to overlap and firmly engage the hook fastener strip. Adjust fasteners until fit is firm, yet comfortable.

  • FUTURO™ Cervical Collar, Adjustable

    4. Holding the collar firmly in place, disengage the chin strap flap. Tighten or loosen the chin strap until the collar fits comfortably but with firm support under the chin. Re-engage the fastener.