Cable jointing

Cable jointing

Self-fusing tape for insulating & jointing

For insulation in areas of high humidity and applications up to 69 kV, we recommend the use of our rubber or silicone-based self-fusing insulating tapes. Their layers self-fuse without air bubbles to form a homogeneous wrap. This ensures excellent insulation. .

  • Use self-fusing and rubber tapes in a wide range of applications including

    • Sealing connectors and cable ends
    • Outdoor installations
    • Bus bar insulation
    • Medium voltage cable jacket repairs
    • Areas of high humidity

  • Scotch® 13 Electrical Semi-Conducting Tape

    Highly conformable, semi-conducting Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR)-based, splicing tape


  • Scotch® 130C Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape

    highly conformable, linerless, ethylene rubber (EPR) insulating tape, designed for splicing and terminating wires cables


  • Scotch® Rubber Splicing Tape 23

    Highly conformable, self amalgamating EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) based jointing tape used as insulation for low and high voltage applications

  • Scotch® Self Fusing Silicone Rubber Electrical Tape 70

    Self-fusing silicone tape with all-weather properties for insulation in medium and high voltage range up to 69 kV outdoor installations.


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