Cable Jacket Repair

Cable Jacket Repair

Extreme Durability


Cable Jacket Repair

Cable jacket repair: play it safe

3M electrical tapes are a quick and easy repair solution. In the daily use of equipment and machines cable damage happens quickly – and must be repaired as quickly. Cable jacket repair tapes makes this an easy task.
Our comprehensive portfolio of 3M quality electrical tapes supports a variety of solutions matching the damage and type of application.

  • For light and superficial damage to the cable, the electrician can choose from a variety of 3M products such as vinyl mastic tape, Scotch 2228, Scotch Super 33+ or Scotch 88 (33+ and 88 for protection against environmental conditions)

  • Conformable self-fusing rubber insulating and sealing tape with an EPR backing coated with mastic adhesive.

  • Rubber-based mastic laminated to an all weather PVC, providing double heavy duty protection in one wrap.

  • Professional grade PVC insulating tape. It is has excellent resistance to: abrasion, moisture, and corrosion and can be used in varying weather conditions.

  • Premium grade all-weather, heavy duty PVC insulating tape for strong abrasion resistance.