Wound care journey, skin and wound care in the clinic, community and at home.

Skin and wound care in the hospital, community and at home

3M solutions help you manage and repair skin, promote wound healing, reduce the risk of complications and restore lives.

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  • Whether you’re caring for patients in the hospital, an outpatient facility, at home or as they transition between care settings — each phase of the wound healing process requires contiuum of care and collaboration between providers, patients and caregivers. With 3M as your partner for science-based solutions, ongoing support and world-class education, we can help ensure the best possible outcomes. When we combine our science with your expertise, amazing things happen.

Challenging conditions

Help your patients get back on their feet with 3M's unmatched portfolio of solutions for venous leg ulcers, MASD and other challenging skin and wound care conditions.

Proven solutions for skin and wound care

  • NPWT creates an environment that promotes wound healing by delivering negative pressure (a vacuum) at the wound site, and 3M offers a range of these specialized solutions to support your individual facility and patient needs.

  • From dressings that can manage exudate or provide a barrier to bacterial contamination, to products that help protect your patients’ skin, 3M gives you the effective solutions and support your wound care patients need to encourage healing and help them get back to their lives.

Optimize wound environment

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Economic impacts of NPWT

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    Value of 3M™ V.A.C.® Therapy

    A recent analysis of health insurance claims data showed patients who received V.A.C.® Therapy had lower total and wound-related treatment costs than patients who received competitor NPWT in all wound types across all time periods studied.

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    Reference: Law A, Krebs B, Griffin L. Healthcare costs associated with patients receiving traditional negative pressure wound therapies in the post-acute setting. Presented at Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Fall Virtual Conference, Nov. 4, 2020.

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    Value of Snap Therapy System

    A cost and effectiveness model found that the Snap Therapy System saved more than $9,000 per wound treated by avoiding longer treatment times and costs for complications compared to other modern dressings.

    View summary (PDF, 487 KB)

    Reference: Hutton DW, Sheehan P. Comparative effectiveness of the SNAP™ Wound Care System. Int Wound J 2011; 8: 196-205.

  • 3M℠ Health Care Academy
    3M℠ Health Care Academy

    With a range of course topics like building a skin damage prevention team to addressing VLUs with compression therapy, deepen your expertise through professional training opportunities and educational resources designed just for you.

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    3M Medical Education

    Explore cutting-edge, evidence-based medical education on advanced surgical techniques management.