• Water-resistant

    Advanced, water-resistant adhesive technology holds to sweaty or damp skin so you can apply before, during or after watersports to help protect wounds. Sweat wicks off skin and is absorbed into adhesive, so it doesn't affect bandage stickiness.

    Extra Comfort

    Air pockets built into the foam backing provide extra cushioning that comforts and protects wounds while flexing and stretching with your body.

    Best choice

    If Mermaids had to use a waterproof dressing, it would have to be this because it sticks great, even to damp skin. It also adds a comfy cushion for sore fins.


    To help keep your skin from pruning and turning white, built-in microscopic channels keep water out while allowing wounds to breathe.

    Active Bandages

    The same technology is also available in our Active Bandages, perfect for sports, fun in the water and hot or humid conditions.


    • It’s hard to find a bandage or tape that sticks to already wet skin. That’s why we’ve invented technology to cover wounds whether wet or not. Our Wet-application Technology wicks water away from damp skin so you can apply before, during or after contact with water. Try it in a tape or bandage form.

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